We had a dated 1980’s master bath. There was really nothing wrong with it but my wife and I contemplated designing our own dream bath. We had a long wish list including adding a luxury tub, a modern curbless double shower, modern lighting, a potty room with its own privacy door and an updated walk in closet. We had to fit all these dream requirements without expanding the foot print of the existing bathroom.

Ratna of Antarya Design worked with us as our interior designer on the overall architecture. We went through many architectural options. She worked with us closely and helped us pick a plan which met all our constraints and fit into our lifestyle. It was amazing that we were able to add a tub and a private potty room by using some dead space. We now have a dream bath which actually feels bigger and lighter because of the beautiful placement of large picture window and a skylight right above the bath.

Ratna worked with us on everything including helping choose the tiles, the vanities, cabinet design, LED lighting, the doors, to the final paint selection. She drew up a fantastic tile plan for which the contractor just loved her for. In fact he swore that he would never build another bathroom without a tile plan. He took her business card to refer her to all his future clients.

Ratna has an amazing sense of aesthetics and taste. This complements her engineering background and you can see her love for her job in the finished product. We were careful with our budget and she was very conscious of finding quality products at a manageable price. We did splurge on the Porcelanosa tiles, because my wife fell in love with them.

The bathroom turned out to be prettier and more functional than we ever dreamed it to be. We are lucky to have worked with Ratna. We enjoy it everyday and still admire all her fine detailed designer touches.