My family & I were re-modeling/decorating the house & we decided to hire Ratna. I am in NY and my folks are in CA so it was def. very important for me to find someone who could work with my schedule + hours as well as someone who could communicate with my parents. She def. did a great job of managing both parties expectations. Ratna is professional, an excellent communicator and has great ideas. She emailed us concepts for planning with images to help with the thought process. She was always providing really great ideas and would adjust according to our taste’s whether is was my parents taste or mine. I would be in CA for literally 2 days in a month and she would go to all the stores with me and select everything in our tight time frame. She was very efficient with our time & also with the budget. She suggested everything within our budget and was very accommodating about re-budgeting items if we went over budget on something (which was very important to us). Another important thing to us was to make sure both my parents and my ideas were represented and Ratna took both my ideas and my parents ideas and merged the two.

Its been over a year now and this review is late but everyone who still visits our home always compliments on how well the interior is designed. It is a nice blend of CA and NY with a lot of warmth + peace. I would def. recommend Ratna if you are looking for a stress-free interior & fun decorating experience. We sure had a great time working with her.